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Kevin Fallon McCarthy

Experienced Phoenix Debt Attorney

Kevin Kevin Fallon McCarthy Arizona debt attorneyFallon McCarthy, Founder and Managing Attorney at McCarthy Law PLC


When Do I Need Help with My Debt?

Ads run night and day on Phoenix radio and late night television, pushing ways to make easy money and reduce your debt.  Some scams sell a program that will solve all your financial problems in no time without any effort.  Others are debt programs that promise to reduce your debt through consolidation or debt settlement.  Companies make outrageous claims that prey on people in a tough spot that are looking for solutions and hope.  As an attorney that has real answers and offers real solutions to people with debt challenges, huckster claims like these are frustrating.   Many good people, looking for an honest way out financial oppression have often been snared by one of these programs.  Financial challenges often become legal challenges and non-lawyers simply aren’t equipped to help in the right way.  Kevin McCarthy meets with clients in person, face-to-face prior to them engaging the firm for help.  Mr. McCarthy never charges for this consultation for two reasons:

  1. He needs to know that he can help save the client a significant amount of money if they engage him.
  2. Our clients can’t afford an expensive attorney.  The firm is paid from a portion of the savings we are able to secure for our clients.

How an Attorney with Debt Experience Can Help You:

  • Negotiate a significant reduction in what your creditors say you owe
  • No more interest.  We negotiate the balances on the day our clients engage us.  We don’t accept any additional interest the bank may try to pile on
  • Avoid foreclosure
  • Avoid Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Stop harassing collection calls and letters

Can I Afford It?

Your debt wasn’t accumulated overnight and getting out of debt isn’t an overnight process either.  The reason that a debt settlement program works is that your debt attorney and their staff will negotiate for large reductions in your principal, interest and fees so that you will owe far less than your current balance reflects now.  Clients will then put money each month into a savings account that will be used for settlements and legal fees.  No more minimum payments, no more interest and no more staying on that hamster wheel that never seems to make a dent in your debt.

What Types of Debt Can Be Settled?

Unsecured debt makes up the majority of what we negotiate.

  • Credit Card Debt
  • Private Student Loan Debt
  • Personal Loans
  • SBA Loan Debt
  • IRS Tax Debt

How Long Will it Take?

It is common that our Phoenix client’s monthly statements will show them having to make the minimum payments for 15+ years to be debt free at the current rate.  This isn’t a real solution for hard working families.  With significant reductions negotiated by an experienced debt attorney, our clients are typically out of debt completely in 6 – 36 months.  This is only possible when the outrageous interest is turned off and the balance is dramatically sliced.  Debt settlement done properly by an attorney gives one their financial life back! 6 months to 3 years isn’t an overnight fix but for families mired in debt year after year, without the balance changing much, it can feel like a walk in the park.

I Did NOT Know That

One misconception is that a debt attorney will be more expensive than a debt settlement company.  The irony is that not only is the attorney no more expensive, but the settlements are better.   Overall, an experienced debt settlement law firm will cost less and offer real legal protection against lawsuits and creditor attorneys.  Remember, a debt attorney will save you far more money than he will cost you.  In fact, a debt settlement attorney often costs less to completely eliminate your debt than you currently pay in one year of interest.

In our Scottsdale office, we help families in these types of debt situations.  The reason that so many people don’t understand what their debt options are is that these things aren’t talked about openly.  The fact is there are good solutions available to folks struggling with debt.

What About the ‘Do Nothing Plan’ or the ‘No Plan, Plan’?

Denial often goes hand in hand with overwhelming debt issues.  We have seen clients who have just stopped opening their mail because the debt was too much to handle and induced so much stress and anxiety.  Ironically, hope also works against people when they believe that things will get better even though they have been pushing high balances year after year without making much of a dent in their debt.  Hoping for the raise or the bonus that either never comes or is needed somewhere else, keeps the debt problem the same.  Not having a plan, year after year, is indeed a plan unto itself. It just isn’t a good one.

When is the Right Time?

Our attorneys in Phoenix understand what you are going through.  Empathy and concern are great but they must be accompanied by a solid strategy and hard work to make you debt free.  Any time spent doing the same old thing will leave you in the same old place.  There is never any cost or obligation to meet in our Scottsdale office with a debt attorney from McCarthy Law.  If you have questions, call us at 602-456-8900.  We want to help you when you are ready to live a life free of debt.  Some things aren’t too good to be true.

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