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Auburn Debt Attorney| Loretta Fiori-Thomas

Loretta Fiori-Thomas Attorney at McCarthy Law PLC in Auburn, WA

Loretta Fiori-Thomas Attorney at McCarthy Law PLC in Auburn, WA

Loretta Fiori-Thomas is a native of the Enumclaw Plateau. She graduated from the University of Puget Sound School of Law which is now known as Seattle University Law School. She graduated from law school and passed the bar examination in 1987. Her legal experience includes serving as a certified mediator, settlement conference master and pro-tem commissioner. Her litigation experience is centered on matters in Pierce County and South King County.

Loretta’s law practice opened in 1989 and focuses on divorce, debt and other family law issues.

She understands the crushing disappointment and frustration a family experiences when they realize that they no longer can pay their debts. The bill collectors’ lack of compassion only increases the emotional trauma for the family.

Loretta writes:

“I am looking forward to helping folks through this difficult time in their lives. Often families with crushing debt issues are dealing with other personal hardships which are far more important to them than working out a payment plan with their credit card company. With our services they can turn this burden over to me and the experienced staff of McCarthy law while directing their full attention to their more urgent family circumstances.”

When Loretta is not helping families with their legal issues she enjoys time with her own family which includes her husband, two children, two grandchildren, and her wonderful 87 year old Aunt. Loretta’s hobbies include painting and writing.

Loretta Fiori-Thomas, Esq.
Of Counsel
McCarthy Law PLC
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Auburn, WA

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