Watkinsville Debt Settlement

Watkinsville Debt Settlement

Watkinsville Debt Settlement

McCarthy Law PLC is committed to helping good, hard-working families who owe more than they can afford to pay back.  Many have been hit hard by the economic recession in Georgia and are burdened by credit card debt or other types of debt.  Debt collectors and creditors can be tremendously aggressive in trying to collect these debts, including filing lawsuits.  Many families don’t know there are lots of options available to them other than bankruptcy.  These families need representation by competent legal advisors that understand the debt industry and are willing to work with them within their tight financial budget.  We believe that settling these debts and standing between you and your creditors is a job for lawyers who have experience in these matters.

Banks and credit card companies are quick to send out credit cards and provide high limits, but aren’t as helpful when it comes to working with you when things get tough.  One missed or late payment can send interest rates skyrocketing despite many years of on-time payments.  If you are in that situation, we want to help and offer a free credit card lawsuit consultation.

We prefer doing business the old-fashioned way and enjoy meeting with our clients face-to-face so we can fully understand their situation and give them information that will help solve their overwhelming debt challenges.  Our debt settlement law firm has nearly 100 offices across the nation, and we love working with individuals right here in the Watkinsville and Athens area.  Our office in Watkinsville, Georgia is caring and enthusiastic and ready to help you navigate these trials in a confidential and comprehensive way.

Doug McKillip is known for his experience and kindness and he heads our Watkinsville office.  Doug has an experienced Georgia debt attorney team and is anxious to visit with you when you are ready to move forward.  Many have found they leave the consultation feeling much better because they understand what their options are and have some strategies to help them move forward. Debts aren’t negotiated down in the first day but getting on the path and knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel can offer huge relief.

At McCarthy Law, our debt lawyers will represent you, not only in negotiating significant reductions in your debt, but also defending you against lawsuits from your creditors. We offer a consultation at no charge to analyze your options, timeline and specific needs to get you genuine debt relief. You can start now by calling our debt hotline or chatting online with us.

Many companies offer debt settlement but they can never provide the legal support that a law firm can.  Unfortunately, they are often more expensive as well.  We love serving and working with the great people of Watkinsville, and we would love to help you too when the time is right.

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