Peoria Debt Settlement

Peoria Debt Settlement

Many good, hard-working families have found themselves overwhelmed by credit card debt and student loans.  The declining economy has left Illinois families with more debt than they can manage.  Banks and credit card companies are quick to send out credit cards and provide high limits but aren’t as helpful when it comes to working with you when things get tight.  One missed payment or late payment can send interest rates skyrocketing despite many years of on-time payments.  Creditors and debt collectors are often aggressive and quick to sue when people get behind.

We believe that settling these debts and representing you against your creditors is a job for skilled attorneys who have experience in these matters. It is our mission at McCarthy Law to help good, hard-working families overcome their financial hardships.  McCarthy Law believes in doing business the old-fashioned way—meet a client in person, discuss their needs, and create a strategy to address them.  Our firm has a national presence but we focus on families right here in Peoria.

Andrew Almasi heads our Peoria debt settlement office and you will feel his concern and recognize his expertise immediately.  We understand these can be embarrassing and difficult issues to talk about but our staff is compassionate, confidential and never judgmental.  Many of our clients leave the consultation feeling a huge relief because they have a good understanding what their options are and knowing McCarthy Law can help them become truly debt free.  Mr. Almasi has many years of experience and understands the stresses and challenges associated with true Illinois debt relief.

Many companies attempt to settle debts, but will never be able to represent you like a law firm can.  Sadly, they are often more expensive as well.  McCarthy Law is respected in the industry and known for our determination to get the best settlement possible for our clients.  Debts aren’t negotiated down in the first day, but starting on the path and looking forward to better days ahead can be very comforting.

During your free consultation, we will examine your specific alternatives and provide you with information so you can make the best decision possible for you and your family.   We love serving the Peoria community and are anxious to help you make these challenging decisions in a safe, confidential environment.    If you are ready to get started now, simply complete the form above or call our debt helpline and we’ll get you on the path to becoming debt free.