Flint Debt Settlement

Flint Debt Settlement

McCarthy Law helps good, hard-working families in Michigan who owe more than they can afford to pay back.  The declining economy have left many families with more credit card debt and student loans, than they can manage.  Creditors and debt collectors can be very aggressive in trying to collect these debts, including filing lawsuits.  Struggling families need representation by competent legal counsel that understands their difficulties and is willing to work with them within their tight financial circumstances.

While McCarthy Law has a large national footprint with nearly 100 offices across the United States, we work in individual communities, like Flint, Michigan and help families that are burdened by overwhelming debt challenges.  Jeff Birrell heads our Flint debt law office and is recognized as a community leader and understands the difficulties and stresses associated with those seeking debt relief.  Our office in Flint has a caring and experienced team to help you navigate these challenges in a confidential and comprehensive way.  Our fantastic Flint debt attorney, Mr. Birrell, is very knowledgeable and has a great reputation as a compassionate and enthusiastic attorney.

Many companies attempt to settle debts but they will never be able to represent you like a law firm can.  Many of our clients start to feel better just having had the consultation and gaining a better understanding of their options.  Unfortunately, many of these companies also cost their clients more in fees and get mediocre settlements.

The attorneys at McCarthy Law offer a consultation at no cost to you so we can understand your individual situation to determine how we may best help you.   McCarthy Law is committed to representing you and negotiating your debts for a significant reduction of what is owed.  We will create a strategy and debt settlement plan specific for you, and our experience will help us figure out the best solution for you in order to give you true debt relief.  You can take the first step now and start now by completing the form above, giving us a call or chatting live.  You can also click here to schedule your free consultation.

Our staff is compassionate, confidential and never judgmental. We recommend you get legal advice from a licensed lawyer and not a company that claims to sell debt settlement service.  Debt settlement is serious legal work and great results come from working with legal professionals who understand the law.  We love serving the community of Flint.  If your debt has become overwhelming and you are seeking debt relief, call now to visit with our experienced and supportive staff to set up your no-cost consultation.  Our Flint debt settlement attorney will examine your various options so you can make the most educated decision for you and your family.  Let McCarthy Law help you get your life back.