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Akron Debt Settlement

Akron Debt Settlement

Akron Debt Settlement

McCarthy Law focuses on helping good, hard-working families in Akron who owe more than they can afford to pay back.  We understand the difficulties the economy has caused for so many families in Ohio and are anxious to work with you to give you significant debt relief. Credit card debt, and student loans are just a few common types of debt we handle.  Creditors and debt collectors can be very hostile in trying to collect these debts, including filing lawsuits.

At McCarthy Law, our Akron debt attorneys can represent you, not only in negotiating substantial reductions in your debt, but defending you against creditor lawsuits also.  Many people don’t realize they have several alternatives to bankruptcy and positive options available to them.  There are many companies who attempt to resolve debts, but they can never provide the legal representation that will get you the very best results.  Many of these businesses are also more expensive and get very poor settlements.

While McCarthy Law has a large national footprint, we work one-on-one with clients so we can understand and help solve these overwhelming debt challenges.  Our office in Akron has a caring and experienced team to help you navigate these challenges in a confidential and comprehensive way.  If you are ready to get started now, simply complete the form above and we’ll get you on the road to financial freedom.  You can also call our debt helpline and we can answer many of your questions and get you set up to meet with an attorney at no charge, and with no obligations, to help you further.

We love serving the community of Akron.  Many of our clients start to feel better after that first meeting because they understand they have options and their future is manageable.    We understand that these can be embarrassing and difficult issues to talk about, and our staff is compassionate, confidential and never judgmental. Our attorneys understand the challenges and pressures associated with those looking for debt relief.

We believe that the old fashioned way of doing business is the best.  Meet a client face-to-face, understand their needs and create a strategy to address it.  We are anxious to discuss your individual situation and specific situation, then develop a plan that will put you on the path to becoming truly debt free.  If your obligations have become overwhelming and you are seeking debt relief, we would love to help you when you feel the time is right.

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