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Debt Settlement Monroe OH

Monroe Debt Settlement Ohio

Monroe Debt Settlement Ohio

Our focus at McCarthy Law is to help good, hard-working families who owe more than they can afford to pay back.  Ohio residents listen to supposed improvements in the economy but are left wondering when their personal economy will improve.  Different types of debt, including credit card debt and student loan debt are just a few of the problems that we help our clients with.  Banks can be very aggressive at attempting to collect on these debts when payments are late or missed. Many families in this situation aren’t aware that help is available and options other than bankruptcy, are available.

At McCarthy Law, our Ohio debt negotiation attorneys can represent you in negotiating significant reductions in your debt, and also defend you against lawsuits from your creditors. We have nearly 100 offices nationwide including one right here in Monroe, Ohio.  We offer a complimentary consultation in person at one of our offices to discuss your specific options, strategy, and timeline to get you real debt relief.  Start now by calling us, filling out the form above, or chatting with us.  Click here to set up your free consultation.

Debt settlement means settling the debt for less than the bank or creditor claims you owe.  We believe that a significant reduction in the principal is what is needed for a family to ever really dig out.  Businesses attempt to settle debt for their clients without offering any legal protection or guidance during the process.  Creditors can and do file lawsuits against those that are late and behind on payments.  We strongly believe attorneys should handle these lawsuits.  Banks know they may not have the money for legal representation and hope the debtor will ignore the lawsuit, and they will be able to secure a default judgment from the court allowing them to then garnish wages as well as other scary solutions.

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