Irving Debt Settlement

Irving Debt Settlement

Irving Debt Settlement

It is our passion at McCarthy Law to help good, hard-working families work out their debt problems.  Our firm represents you against your creditors and works to negotiate a significant reduction in what the bank claims is owed.  Many families have been swamped due to the state of the economy and find themselves with more credit card debt and student loans than they can handle.  Banks and credit card companies are quick to send out credit cards and provide high limits but aren’t as helpful when it comes to working with you when things get tough.  One missed or late payment can send interest rates skyrocketing despite many years of on-time payments, and creditors are often quick to sue when people get behind.

We believe that settling these debts and standing between you and your creditors is a job for attorneys who have experience in these matters.  Debt negotiation and debt settlement is tough legal work that is best handled by an attorney.  We at McCarthy Law believe in doing business the old fashioned way.  Meet a client face-to-face, understand their needs and create a strategy to address it.  Our firm has a national presence but our focus is on individual families right here Irving, Texas.

Roland Jeter heads our Irving office and you will feel his concern and recognize his experience when you meet him.  Mr. Jeter is recognized as a community leader in Irving and understands the challenges and stresses associated with those seeking debt relief.  As experienced Irving debt attorneys, we understand that these can be difficult and embarrassing issues to talk about, which is why our staff is compassionate, confidential and never judgmental. Many of our clients start to feel better just having had the consultation and gaining a better understanding of their options.  They also realize there is a way out of the awful situation they are in, which is such a relief.

Many companies attempt to settle debts but they will never be able to represent you like a law firm can.  Settling your debts is tough legal work but it is our focus at McCarthy Law, and it can be done with very good results.  Many of these companies also cost their clients more in fees and get poor settlements. Contrary to what most people think, a law firm isn’t necessarily more expensive than a debt settlement company.  A law firm that focuses on debt settlement understands that the family needs time to put the money together for settlements and legal representation.

We love serving the community of Irving.  An experienced law firm will typically get better debt relief results for their clients with negotiating large principal reductions while also charging a fee that isn’t any more and sometimes less than a debt settlement company.  We recommend choosing a firm with many years of experience focusing on debt settlement.   If your debt has become overwhelming and you are seeking debt relief, we stand ready to help you when you feel the time is right.

For those who feel like they have been dealing with way too much debt for way too long, we invite you to visit with us.  We don’t represent a client unless we believe we can get a great result for them, and there is absolutely never any pressure.  If you are ready to understand what your debt options are, we stand ready to help.  We would love to help you and are available by telephone, online chat or you can click here to get started now.

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