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Olympia Debt Settlement

Olympia Debt Settlement

Olympia Debt Settlement

It is our passion at McCarthy Law to help good, hard-working families work out their debt problems.  Many families have been swamped due to the state of the economy and find themselves with more credit card debt and student loans than they can handle.  Your family needs representation by competent legal counsel that understands your struggle and is willing to work with you within your tight financial budget.

Banks and credit card companies are quick to send out credit cards and provide high limits but aren’t as helpful when it comes to working with you when things get tough.  One missed or late payment can cause interest rates to be raised dramatically despite many years of on-time payments.  Creditors can be ruthless at attempting to collect on these debts when a payment is missed or even late.  Collection agency employees are trained to make phone calls, attempting to collect these debts and are made daily from big call centers across the country.   There are laws that protect the debtor against certain tactics, but even when these rules are followed, it can be extremely stressful and scary to receive these calls.  Creditors and debt collectors can be very insistent in trying to collect these debts, even filing lawsuits against you.

Our office in Olympia has an experienced and caring team to help you navigate these challenges in a confidential and comprehensive way.  McCarthy Law debt settlement attorneys will represent you in negotiating significant reductions in your debts, and also defend you against lawsuits from your creditors.  Prior to deciding, you can call our debt helpline and talk to one of our knowledgeable professionals. We can answer many of your questions and set up a free debt consultation with our Olympia debt attorney.  We are anxious to meet with you and discuss the many alternatives to bankruptcy and help available to you.

While McCarthy Law has a large nationwide footprint, we enjoy working in individual communities like Olympia, Washington and meeting with our clients face-to-face so we can understand their specific situation and needs.  From there, we give them strategies and timelines so they can make the best decision for their family.  Many people fell a huge relief after the initial consultation because they are given tools to move forward and understand the implications of their actions.  We always encourage you to act now and not delay getting help.  The worst thing you can do is nothing, and you will find yourself with fewer options by staying in denial.  We would love to help you and answer any questions you may have.  You are welcome to call us, fill out the form, or chat with us live.  We can set you up for a free consultation and get you started on the path to financial freedom.

Debt settlement means settling the debt for less than the current balance.  McCarthy Law believes that a significant reduction in the principal is what is most needed for a family to become debt free.  Many companies attempt to settle debts but they will never be able to offer any legal protection whatsoever.   And, many of these companies also cost their clients more in fees and get very poor settlements, and may or may not give advice during the process that is helpful or the best solution to their customer. If you find yourself consumed by your debt and it keeps you up at night, it is time to get professional help.  We would love to have the opportunity to give you your life back.  Call us today!​


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