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Debt Settlement Vancouver

Debt Settlement Vancouver

Debt Settlement Vancouver

So many families in Washington have been overwhelmed due to the state of the economy and find themselves with more credit card debt and student loan debt than they can handle. They aren’t aware that there are many alternatives to bankruptcy and help is available.  At McCarthy Law, our mission is to help good, hard-working families find debt relief.  Credit card companies and banks are quick to send out new credit cards and provide high limits but aren’t as willing to work with you when things get tough.  Credit card companies and banks are also quick to raise interest rates and lower available balances with even one late or missed payment, ignoring years of on-time payments.  Higher interest rates also mean that more of your monthly payment goes to interest, thus taking longer to pay off your debt. And, creditors are often quick to sue when people get behind.  A lawsuit should be dealt with straightaway and not ignored because a default judgment gives your creditors lots of options like garnishment and many others.   After being served, we believe the advice from a seasoned debt attorney is critical.

McCarthy Law believes in practicing law the old-fashioned way.  We personally meet with our clients in order to understand their individual circumstances and needs, then create a strategy to address them.  We have nearly 100 offices across the United States, but focus on individual communities like Vancouver and particular struggles families in this area have.  Begin now by calling our debt helpline, chatting live with us, or filling out the form above.  We can answer many of your questions and get you set up for a complimentary consultation.  We will discuss your debt relief options, timetable and procedures to get you started on the track to true debt relief.

Our team has an excellent reputation in Vancouver, and understand the trials and pressures for those seeking debt relief.  We understand that these can be difficult and embarrassing issues to talk about, but our staff is confidential, client-centered, and never judgmental. Many of our clients start to feel better just having had the consultation and getting a better understanding of their options.

Many companies attempt to settle debts but they cannot represent you like a debt law firm can.  Unfortunately, many of these companies are also more expensive and their settlements are poor.  We love serving the community of Vancouver, and if your financial obligations have become overwhelming and you are looking for debt relief, we stand ready to help you.

Our experienced Vancouver debt settlement attorney is conveniently located for you and is anxious to meet with you and get you on the path to financial freedom.  Call us now to set up your complimentary consultation and we will meet with you with no obligation.  We will discuss your individual options and give you information so you can make the right decision for you and your family.  We’d love to help you, call us today!


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