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San Jose Debt Settlement

San Jose Debt Settlement

Negotiating and settling your debts is our focus at McCarthy Law, and we get great results.  Our experienced debt law firm represents you against your creditors and works to negotiate a significant reduction in what the bank claims you owe.  Many businesses attempt to settle debt but the people that you will never see or never meet can never provide the legal representation that a law firm can provide.  In addition, a law firm doesn’t mean it will cost the client more.  They understand that financially, things are tight. Good debt settlement companies will work with their clients on putting the needed monies together over time.  We have offices across the country that gives us a wide range of experience but working in communities, like here in San Jose, is where we find what we do most satisfying.

It is our mission at McCarthy Law to help good, hard-working families find debt relief.  So many folks have found their world turned upside down with the difficult economy and are struggling under the weight of credit card debt and student loan debt.  Many families are also upside down in their homes and aren’t aware that help is available and they have many options.  Credit card companies and banks are quick to raise limits and lower available balances with even one missed payment or late payment, ignoring the years of on-time payments.  As if it wasn’t already tough enough, the higher interest rates can create an even bigger problem.  An additional challenge for those who have missed some payments is often a lawsuit.

We believe that when being served, the advice from an attorney is critically important.  A lawsuit should not be ignored because with a default judgment, garnishment and other solutions may then be available to you creditors. Our consultations are always confidential and you will feel the compassion of an attorney who understands what you are up against.  We love serving the San Jose community and helping families that are feeling stressed and beaten down with debt.  She is very knowledgeable and is anxious to meet with you and start on the path to becoming debt free.

McCarthy Law PLC is committed to representing our clients against persistent creditors.  We negotiate our client’s debts for significant reductions in what is owed and represent them against creditor lawsuits.  We’d like to create a strategy and debt settlement plan specific for you, and our experience will help us figure out the best solution for true debt relief.

Many people find great hope and relief in visiting with and hearing what their options are from an attorney and firm with experience in debt reduction.  There is never any pressure in our office.  If we can help, we will tell you.  If we can’t help, and bankruptcy or other options are better for you, we will tell you that too.  Call us and we can answer many of your questions and set your appointment for a complimentary consultation.  You can fill out our online request, or chat with us online when you are ready to see what our firm can do for you.

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