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Some of the testimonials given to our debt settlement team at McCarthy Law

Debt Settlement Reviews

Here is just a very small sample of the many happy debt settlement clients at McCarthy Law. If you want debt settlement reviews about McCarthy Law and our services, this is the place to see them. Over the years, our clients have sent cards, emails and other kind gestures to express their gratitude. Below are recent financial debt relief testimonials from people like you who have made the journey from sleepless nights to financial relief.

Exceeded Expectations

We hired Kevin McCarthy in January 2018 to help our daughter with her Private student loan debt settlement. Our daughter had over $150,000 in debt. She had been making payments for ten years and the balances went down very little. She lost her job and that is when we...

The Best Christmas Gift Ever

In January 2018 my husband and I hired McCarthy Law to help my daughter and husband to get us out of $145,000 of private student loan debt. We were so in over our heads in spite of trying desperately to make those student loan payments on time for six years. We...

Helped our family tremendously

We wanted to write a thank you letter in appreciation for all your hard work and dedication to great customer service at McCarthy Law. Ray Miller went above and beyond to help us after our accident.   The settlement we received helped our family tremendously from...

$70K student loan settled

$70K student loan settled Thank you for the update - it was my birthday when we received this email notifying me of this great settlement and there was no better gift! Again, I am so grateful for everything McCarthy Law has done for me and can't thank all of you...

I seriously cannot express

I seriously cannot express how grateful I am for your services! I have felt completely burdened by this debt for years and am finally making some strides toward paying down all of my student debt! And, I have already seen my credit score recover very well! I will...

Thanks to everyone at McCarthy

Thanks to everyone at McCarthy Law, Ms. Tuchman, and to you for your expert counsel in this issue. To say that I am very pleased with your work is an understatement. I will wholeheartedly recommend your law office to anyone seeking debt relief.

Merry Holiday Season!

I just wanted you to know as this holiday season approaches - how much you have calmed our families world and given us a sense this whole student loan octopus could an would come under control and manageable - with your expertise -thank you from the bottom of our...

thanks to all

Joan is the best! I am happy it is settled even though I felt they already had received more than the original loan balance and had taken me for the debt, like they do all students, at a time when we are unwise to the effect it will have on us. They are vampires and...


Wonderful....Better and better each time! Thank you so much for your effort Joan! I feel a great weight lifting from my shoulders. Thank you sincerely, Conan

Thank God

Thank God!!  This will be a good feeling to be done .  I never thought I would make it to the end.  It was a long journey. You were great.  Very helpful.  I appreciate all the work you did for me.

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