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Top 13 Error Report:

McCarthy Law’s Most Common Errors and supporting documentation need for a lawsuit on each error.

Guide to Pulling your Credit Report:

An Easy Step-By-Step Guide to pull a credit report.  Please feel free to download and send to your clients.

Dispute Letter Tips:

When sending a Dispute Letter, McCarthy Law requires the following items in a Dispute Letter for Litigation ready files:

  1. Client’s Full Name
  2. Client’s Full Social Security Number
  3. Client’s Date of Birth
  4. Client’s Address
  5. Report number of credit report (if available).
  6. Date of credit report
  7. The account at Issue – (account number and name)
  8. Exact Error – One Error per Letter (Do not state general “request deletion.”  It should spell out what the error is).


Items that can hold up Litigation: 

  1. Language:
    Please refrain from using language such as “you are violating my rights”, “I am angry” or “this is an outrage”.  Unfortunately, letters containing this language cannot be used in a litigation.  An additional Dispute Letter will need to be sent and this will hold up moving forward in litigation.
  1. Mailing:
    In our experience, we have found that it is best if Dispute Letters are mailed from the client’s home state.  This will give client the best chance for a proper response from the credit bureaus the first time.
  1. Proof of the Error
    Make sure to include proof of the error, if it is needed.  For example, if you are disputing a 1099 issue, please include a copy of the 1099 with the Dispute Letter.


Portal Training:

  1. Under Construction: McCarthy Law’s Portal Quick Start Guide:
  1. One-on-One Training:
    We are happy to provide you and your staff with training regarding our program and portal.   Please contact Melissa Radabaugh via email: or via phone: 602.456.8900 to set up a time or click on the link below to access Melissa’s Schedule and select a time that is convenient for you and your staff.

Melissa’s Training Schedule:

We look forward to working with you.



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