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Credit Card Debt Settlement

Credit Card Debt Settlement

There are many options to resolving your debt, almost as many as there are to get you there in the first place. What most people do not know, is that credit card debt settlement exists. When you find yourself in credit card debt challenges, one of the most effective ways to settle your debt and avoid bankruptcy, is engaging in a conversation with your credit card issuers directly about settling the debt. Settling, meaning the credit card companies will typically agree to take payments and reduce the actual balance you owe in order for the credit card company to be able to obtain a portion of the balance as paid.

How Credit Card Debt Settlement Works

  • Can you contact the credit card issuer and talk to them directly?
  • Or maybe have your uncle, friend, or cousin?
  • What about those websites out there that say they offer debt settlement?

Like anything you get what you pay for and in the case of credit card debt settlement, you are at risk not only of putting yourself at further harm, but negotiating without knowing the laws or having the clout of an aggressive debt settlement lawyer. Some may say that, since they are a debt law firm, they must be more expensive. And maybe compared to some of the before mentioned options McCarthy Law may be, however we typically are able to negotiate a larger reduction on your credit card debt than other non-law firms that say they can provide debt settlement services.

Why attorney credit card debt settlement is different

As debt attorneys, we are able to represent you in the case of a credit card lawsuit, which typically will happen once you have been unable to make payments to your credit card issuer for the outstanding debt owed. At McCarthy Law, we provide a free credit card debt settlement consultation with no obligation at one of our local offices near you, and in person. Most, if not all, online non-attorney debt settlement companies let you fill out some online forms and maybe eventually you will talk to a call center employee about your debt issue.



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