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February 21, 2012

Wage Garnishment as a Means of Collection

If you live in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina or Texas you are fortunate.  Debt collectors in those states cannot seek a court order to garnish your wages.  For those living in California, Arizona and elsewhere?  It’s completely legal and a convenient way for collection agencies to come after you to satisfy your outstanding debts.  The following is a great article discussing wage garnishment. It also discusses a number of ways debt collectors can and cannot attempt to collect from you.


The best way to avoid this is to tackle your debt problems before it gets to the point of a garnishment.  If you find yourself dealing with seemingly insurmountable debt, you should seek the assistance of a debt workout law firm to assist you.  They can often help you settle
high credit card debt before it gets to a point where your wages are garnished.  While some may try the “do it yourself” approach, most find it easier to let an experienced professional handle the debt negotiation.

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