High Levels of Consumer Debt Not Good For Your Waistline
April 27, 2012

Are High Levels of Consumer Debt Bad For Your Waistline?

Studies now show that consumers with bloated levels of debt are more likely to have bloated waistlines as well.  Not only does the added stress of juggling bills that you can’t afford add inches to your waistline because your body is secreting way too much of the stress hormone cortisol; but you are also forced to buy cheaper, less nutritious processed foods that are filled with fat and sugar.  As if paying ridiculously high interest rates alone wasn’t bad enough!  So people need to understand that when they are choosing to not face their financial bloat, they are actually choosing to take years off their lives due to bad health.


Here at McCarthy Law, we are a workout law firm.  So think of us as the personal trainer you need for your finances.  Because we will trim your debt and your waistline!

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