Benefits of CARD act - McCarthy Law PLC
June 22, 2012

Benefits of CARD act

Great news on the three year anniversary of the CARD act – it’s somewhat working!  Middle and low income people surveyed with credit card debt have found that the new restrictions placed on credit card issuers have in fact helped them get out of debt faster by avoiding late fees and paying down their balances faster.  But despite the act helping most move in the right direction with their debt, this still doesn’t mean people are completely debt free.  The average credit card debt fell to $7,145 from $9,887 in 2009.  This suggests that there are other reasons people are still in credit card debt; namely, they just aren’t making enough money to get ahead.  If you find yourself in this category, the smartest thing may be to deleverage all together by hiring an experienced debt settlement attorney to get you out of debt faster and for as little as possible.

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