August 6, 2012

Americans discover easy automobile lending

It appears as though a low credit score will no longer prevent Americans from buying or leasing a car as lending restrictions on automobiles has dramatically eased up, allowing more and more Americans, including those with less than perfect credit, to qualify for a car loan.

One of the reasons for the surge in car loans is that investors in the subprime auto market are buying up packaged securities at a quick rate.  For whatever reason, these subprime auto loans are seen as less of a credit risk than in other situations.  The lingering concern though that I have is what will happen to this entire class of subprime auto loans if the borrowers default, or when the securities get repackaged over and over again a la the mortgage crisis?  Time will only tell but what we will see are more and more people who need help after defaulting on a car loan.  If you find yourself being sued on a car loan deficiency or having collections action taken against you based on a default on a car loan, you should speak with a debt settlement attorney.  The best thing we can do is avoid another situation like what led to the Great Recession by taking control of the debt at an individual level.