May 19, 2022

Synchrony Bank

Creditors like Synchrony Bank have been known to harass consumers over unpaid debt. As a consumer, you should know that you have rights and are protected by specific federal laws. If you think you have been harassed or experienced unethical collection practices, speak to an experienced debt lawyer at McCarthy Law for legal assistance. 


If Synchrony Bank violated the law, you may be able to collect damages with the help of a skilled debt lawyer. Headquartered in Kettering, OH, Synchrony Bank is a subsidiary of Synchrony Financial, which is the largest provider of private label credit cards. Working with a seasoned debt lawyer can give you a better outcome than dealing with them alone. We can stop the harassment and unethical collection practices on your behalf.

Synchrony Bank Complaints by Consumers 

Synchrony Bank is known for its unethical collection tactics and is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This results in numerous consumer complaints. In the last three years, Synchrony Bank has amounted to over 6,700 consumer complaints that have been handled by the Better Business Bureau, with almost 3,000 complaints closed in the last year. 


If you have been harassed by Synchrony Bank, speak to a skilled debt lawyer promptly for guidance surrounding your next legal steps. You may be able to pursue damages for their unethical collection practices or settle for an amount less than what you owe. In some cases, consumers have been able to get their debt expunged when working with a seasoned lawyer because of lack of documentation concerning their alleged debt. 

Steps to Take if Synchrony Bank Is Suing You 

It’s essential to remember that you have certain rights as a consumer. If you believe that Synchrony Bank has violated your consumer rights and they have initiated legal action against you, you might be able to seek damages. Speak with a seasoned debt lawyer for the best course of action surrounding your case. There are steps you can take to respond to their lawsuit: 

1. Be Prompt in Response to a Lawsuit Against You 

Do not ignore your lawsuit with Synchrony Bank. Lawsuits initiated by Synchrony will not resolve on their own, and if they go to court unchallenged, you may get a default judgment against you. This means you may have to pay off your debt and other financial consequences like wage garnishment, property lien, and damage to your credit report. 


Take actionable steps towards diminishing your debt with Synchrony Bank. Start by documenting all the interactions you have with representatives, including phone numbers and names. You may be able to negotiate a settlement out of court when working with an experienced debt lawyer. 

2. Examine Possible Defenses Against Synchrony Bank 

The best way forward is to consider possible defenses in your favor. Synchrony Bank has initiated lawsuits with inadequate documentation in the past, and there may be legal defenses in your favor. 


These defenses can be one or more of the following: 


  • Synchrony filed misleading or inaccurate affidavits 
  • Statute of limitations negates lawsuit 
  • The debt was already paid off 
  • Synchrony cannot provide documentation that you actually owe the debt
  • Synchrony cannot provide evidence of ownership of the debt, stating that they have the right to collect it 


With the help of a seasoned debt lawyer, these defenses may result in your debt being expunged or diminished. 

3. Contact a Debt Defense Lawyer at McCarthy Law

A debt defense lawyer can aid you in getting your lawsuit dismissed, debt expunged, or possibly negotiate a settlement on your behalf that can help your financial wellbeing. Call a lawyer as soon as you find out that Synchrony Bank is pursuing legal action against you. We know how to handle lawsuit debt complexities with a corporation as big as Synchrony Bank. 

Synchrony Bank Information 

170 Election Road, Suite 125, Draper, UT 84020. 

950 Forrer Blvd., Kettering, OH 45420

(877) 379-4933

Speak to a Seasoned Debt Lawyer at McCarthy Law

The McCarthy Law legal team understands the laws surrounding consumer rights and can seek damages on your behalf if Synchrony Bank has violated any consumer acts by harassing or spamming you with robocalls and unethical collection practices. Our experienced lawyers are also prepared to negotiate any settlements on your behalf for less than the original debt amount owed or work to represent you in court to potentially have debt expunged. 

At McCarthy Law, we are committed to offering the best strategies for your financial wellbeing and defending against large corporations like Synchrony Bank from taking advantage of you. We offer consultations free of charge to talk through your case and provide options that fit the best outcome for you. Call (855) 976-5777 or reach us by filling out our contact form.

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