How a Credit Attorney Can Help Fix My Credit Report After Bankruptcy
November 30, 2022

How a Credit Attorney Can Help Fix My Credit Report After Bankruptcy

How a Credit Attorney Can Help Fix My Credit Report after Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy might alleviate debt in the short term but it also negatively impacts your credit score for up to ten years. Lenders look at this score when you apply for credit and this is not something you want hanging over you for such a long period of time. But what can you do to fix your credit report after bankruptcy?

The good news is that you can take steps to heal a credit score and the best way to make a start on fixing your credit report is to hire a credit attorney.

A Credit Attorney Can Communicate on Your Behalf

A credit attorney is well-equipped to handle any disputes that arise with a financial agency. The attorney can communicate on your behalf and work to resolve issues without you having to get involved. It’s also important to remember that attorneys have the necessary legal knowledge to negotiate on your behalf and dispute any discrepancies they find along the way.

They Will Dispute and Remove Any Credit Report Errors

Credit attorneys are particularly good at identifying errors on a credit report and then filing disputes for these mistakes with the credit agency. There are many types of credit errors but a credit attorney has the knowledge and first-hand experience to find them. Your attorney will also take care of all the documentation and ensure there is no delay with responding to these errors.

Credit Attorney’s are Inclined to “Fight Your Corner”

You might already know about credit repair companies which offer assistance in terms of bankruptcy. However, these companies do not have either the legal knowledge or required authority to resolve any denied claims in court. On the other hand, a credit attorney can actually fight for you and never shy away from whatever it takes to get you the best possible outcome.

Negotiate Settlements with Debt Collectors

Negotiating settlements with debt collectors is often one of the most stressful aspects of bankruptcy. For example, if you are being sued for missed payments, it’s really important to have the right documentation and to properly understand the process in general. Credit attorneys can clean up your documents, negotiate settlements on your behalf and ensure everything is done the right way.

Compensation for False Claims by Creditors

If the information on your credit report is inaccurate, you might struggle with credit or financial opportunities down the line. It’s true that lenders, banks and debt collectors will sometimes make false claims on a credit report and these can go unnoticed. A credit attorney can spot these issues and potentially help you receive compensation based on any damage caused by the defamation.

Advice for Rebuilding Your Credit Score

After fixing past errors, a credit attorney can also help bolster your credit score by giving advice for moving forward. This will often include tips that will help you settle further debts, keep payments on time and essentially show future creditors that you have resolved issues that caused problems in the past.


A bad credit report can affect a wide range of financial issues such as your ability to rent a car or obtain a new job. It’s important not to ignore these consequences and tackle the problem as early as possible.

While you might feel nervous about providing someone with access to your credit report or bank statements, a reputable credit attorney will always take a sensitive and professional approach to such matters. With this in mind, you want to hire someone that you can trust and a credit attorney that will not only fix the errors on your credit report but also one that will fight your corner.

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