Being Sued For Debt? The Benefits of Working with a Credit Lawyer
May 26, 2023

Being Sued For Debt? The Benefits of Working with a Credit Lawyer

Are you facing the uphill battle of debt lawsuits? As prices rise and consumers struggle to make ends meet, personal debt weighs down even the most budget-conscious consumers. And for those who are dealing with extensive unpaid debts, creditors may be knocking on the door for repayment.

If you are being sued for an unpaid debt, working with a credit lawyer can be a great advantage in getting out of debt and rebuilding your credit score. An experienced credit lawyer can help you climb out from under your debt and protect you from lawsuits. They can also assist in removing errors from credit reports so that lenders are more likely to provide favorable loan rates.

With the right debt settlement lawyer in your corner, you can rest easy knowing that your financial future is protected. Here are some of the top benefits you can enjoy by working with a proven credit lawyer today:

1. Negotiate Lower Debt Balances

When collectors come calling, finding a way to reduce your balance is critical. High-interest debts are designed to keep buyers from being able to pay them off in full – and companies know this. That’s why hiring an experienced credit lawyer can be a great way to negotiate lower debt balances so that you can pay off what you owe more quickly and efficiently.

A debt settlement lawyer will review your credit report for errors and inaccuracies. They can then help you dispute inaccurate information that could keep lenders from providing favorable rates. Once the debt balance is re-evaluated, they can work with creditors to negotiate a lower balance than what was initially expected.

2. Stop Harassing Phone Calls

Having creditors constantly calling you can be a stressful experience. A credit lawyer understands the laws that protect debtors and can help you stop these calls from coming in so that you can focus on getting out of debt. Plus, they can help by filing a lawsuit against the creditors to stop them from harassing you in the future.

3. Offer Professional Representation

As daunting as debt settlement can be, having an experienced credit lawyer on your side can make the entire process much easier. A professional lawyer has experience dealing with debt issues and knows what it takes to craft a suitably tailored settlement solution that meets your needs.

When facing legal liability, you want the comfort that comes with having a dependable legal team fighting for your rights. Knowing that you have an expert who understands the ins and outs of debt law can make all the difference in getting out of debt.

4. Planning For A Better Future

Once you have a plan, you can begin making the necessary changes for a better financial future. A credit lawyer can offer the guidance and advice you need to stay on track with your debt settlement payments so that you can begin rebuilding your credit score.

A credit lawyer can help you understand how to take the right steps toward repairing your credit and provide the information you need to make smart financial decisions going forward.

Facing Debt Lawsuits? McCarthy Law Can Help

Working with a credit lawyer can be beneficial for consumers struggling with debt. If you’re being sued for debt or need the help of an experienced debt settlement lawyer, contact McCarthy Law.

Our team of credit lawyers is dedicated to helping our clients get out of debt faster and more effectively than if they attempt to settle their debts independently. We are the team that fights for the little guy – taking power back from creditors and helping you build a better financial future.

Contact us today for help with debt lawsuits, credit report errors, or anything else that may keep you from achieving your financial goals.

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