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Wondering what makes using a debt settlement lawyer different from most other settlement companies? By using a Debt Settlement Law Firm you are represented by a licensed attorney, one that can defend you against credit card lawsuits in the case you have been sued. We use the law to protect our clients.

Settle Debt for a Fraction of the Debt Amount Owed

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Debt Settlement Lawyers Work For You

Debt Problems

Find out how McCarthy debt lawyers protect you from creditor lawsuits.

Credit Report Errors

Discover how you can get your credit report errors corrected for FREE.

Student Loan Debt

Erase your national student loan debt and restore your credit.

Employment Law

Know your rights and have proper employment law dispute representation.

Facing Loan and Financial Difficulties is More Common than You Think!

Times are hard. Many people are facing loan problems and financial difficulties. There are times when you can’t pay the people you owe money to due to various reasons. Sometimes, these people are relentless, even aggressive, in collecting the money you owe. In times or situations like this one, you need a debt attorney on your side. And not just an attorney, but a really good one. That’s us.

Having a debt attorney means that you will have someone experienced and knowledgeable on your side to help you deal with your loan problems. We serve as negotiators when you’re dealing with credit card companies, lenders and other people you owe money to at the time you can’t pay them back. We most certainly fight for you when you face lawsuits regarding your money-related issues. We fight against collectors who might harass you or recover the money from you through aggressive and illegal measures.

When you face loan-related problems, you need lawyers who really have the credentials, knowledge, expertise and experience. We can help you find the best way to solve your problems and go about your financial troubles. Aside from helping you deal with the relentless collectors, we also find ways to reduce your debts and credits.

Owing money to someone doesn’t mean you no longer have the right. We are more than willing to stand up for those rights

Debt Settlement vs Debt Consolidation

What is the difference between debt settlement and debt consolidation? The difference between debt consolidation and debt settlement is big. In settlement, an attorney negotiates with your creditors for a significant reduction in the balance claimed due. You make one monthly payment to a trust account, and an attorney handles everything else, including all phone calls and communications with the creditors and collectors. When a debt is settled, the attorney will receive written confirmation, and then, arrange for payment to be sent to the creditor from the client’s trust account. In consolidation, there is no attorney involved and you pay 100% of the principal claimed due plus additional interest and late fees. How does that happen? All your unsecured debts are added up; the consolidator pays those and gives you a new loan for the total amount due. Then, you start paying the loan and new interest to the consolidator.
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Negotiate Debt Balance

Can debt settlement really allow me to pay back less than I owe? Debt Settlement is a process in which reputable law firms like McCarthy Law, negotiate the outstanding debt balances owed on behalf of its clients. Debt settlement offers a real way to see an end to your debt through monthly affordable payments over a term as short as 24-28 months. In addition, the balances are typically substantially reduced.
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Credit Card Debt Settlement

What qualifies for credit card debt settlement? Credit card companies and other creditors usually do not have specific guidelines on what they will settle for, however, good debt settlement candidates are usually those who can no longer afford their minimum payments, are losing sleep thinking about how much debt they have, and their credit card balances are the same or higher than they were a year or two ago.

Student Loan Debt

With new laws regarding student loans, it has become even more difficult to get relief from such loans. The good news is we help resolve student loan issues permanently.
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What Type of Debts Can be Settled?

What type of debts can be settled?
Many debts can be settled for a fraction of what is owed including medical debts, mortgage debt, auto repossession debt, rent, credit cards, retail cards, cell phone bills, private student loan debt, payday loan debt, and more.
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“Our fees are lower than anyone else in the industry including non-lawyer debt settlement companies but we will match them if you find someone cheaper.”

Kevin Fallon McCarthy
Managing Partner

The McCarthy Law Difference

Better settlements. Less Expensive. We won't abandon you if you have a lawsuit.

McCarthy Law PLC has expanded its footprint to have more than 90 locations nationwide. We believe that finances are a very personal matter and should be discussed in person with a qualified debt attorney.

You can set up a free consultation in an office most convenient to you, by contacting us now and be immediately connected to a qualified McCarthy Law representative who will schedule your free consultation and financial review, with a McCarthy Law PLC attorney closest to you.

The team at McCarthy Law PLC have met many people who are in seemingly insurmountable debt. We help our clients by offering a free debt consultation.

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Client Testimonials

$70K student loan settled
Thank you for the update – it was my birthday when we received this email notifying me of this great settlement and there was no better gift! Again, I am so grateful for everything McCarthy Law has done for me and can’t thank all of you enough…

I seriously cannot express how grateful I am for your services! I have felt completely burdened by this debt for years and am finally making some strides toward paying down all of my student debt! And, I have already seen my credit score recover very well! I will definitely check these resources to look at the details…

Excellent service…professional and follow up is great.

Wonderful experience from all professionals helping us and would highly recommend the service to anyone struggling with credit issues and student loan issues. Thanks for all your help!

Online Debt Resources

Avoid Bankruptcy

Simple Tips to Avoid Bankruptcy

Today, people, companies, and even nations are finding themselves caught in a debt spiral that has resulted in ever-increasing debt loads.

Pay Off Debt

How to Pay Off Debts Quicker

Every person’s situation is different and needs to be approached with an honest and creative perspective. Read about our top tip.

Credit Report Guide

Free Credit Report Guide

Instantly download our newly released 16-page guide to credit reports. Click the button below to get your free copy.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Wondering what makes using a debt settlement lawyer different from most other settlement companies? By using a specialized Law Firm you are represented by a licensed attorney, one that can defend you against credit card lawsuits in the case you have been sued. We use the law to protect our clients.

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