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Doug McKillip

Experienced Debt Attorney in Watkinsville

Experienced Debt Attorney in Watkinsville

Doug McKillip, Of Counsel, McCarthy Law Watkinsville

Doug McKillip Experienced Debt Attorney in WatkinsvilleAds run day and night on Watkinsville and Athens radio and late night television, advertising ways to make easy money and reduce your debt. Some debt programs promise to reduce your debt through consolidation or debt settlement. Other scams sell programs that claim will solve all your financial problems in no time and without any effort. Other companies make outrageous claims that prey on people in a tough spot who are looking for solutions and hope. Many good people, looking for an honest way out from under financial burdens have often been trapped by one of these programs. Outrageous claims like these are frustrating to an attorney that has real answers and offers real solutions to people with financial problems.

Debt challenges can quickly become legal challenges and non-lawyers simply aren’t equipped to help in the ways that are needed. Doug McKillip is our Watkinsville debt attorney and has almost 20 years of experience working with the good people of Athens and Watkinsville. He enjoys meeting with clients in person prior to them engaging the firm. Mr. McKillip never charges for this consultation because he wants to know that he can help save the client a significant amount of money if they engage him. In addition, the firm is paid from a portion of the savings we are able to secure for our clients. We understand our clients can’t afford an expensive attorney. He is compassionate and dedicated and fights for the rights of hard working Georgians. He will listen to your personal story then help create a solution tailored to you.

What Types of Debt Can Be Settled?

Unsecured debt makes up the majority of what we negotiate.

· Credit Card Debt
· Private Student Loan Debt
· Personal Loans
· SBA Loan Debt
· IRS Tax Debt

I Did NOT Know That

The reason that so many people don’t know they have options other than bankruptcy is that most people don’t discuss their financial trials openly with others, hardships are generally kept private because people are embarrassed about their situation. As a result, only through research and people trying to find alternatives to bankruptcy do they typically find out about debt negotiation as an option. The good news is that you are not alone, and our focus at McCarthy Law is to help as many families as we can and provide solutions to folks struggling with debt.

Can I Afford It?

One misconception is that a debt attorney will be more expensive than a debt settlement company. Overall, an experienced debt settlement law firm will cost less and offer real legal protection against lawsuits and creditor attorneys. The irony is that not only is the attorney no more expensive, but the settlements are better, and a good debt attorney will save you far more money than he will cost you. In fact, a debt settlement attorney often costs less to completely eliminate your debt than you currently pay in one year of interest. Getting out of debt is not an overnight process, but signing with McCarthy Law means no more minimum payments, no more interest and no more staying on that human hamster wheel that never seems to make a dent in your debt. The reason our debt settlement program works is your debt attorney and their staff will negotiate for large reductions in your principal, interest and fees so that you will owe far less than your current balance reflects now. Clients put money into a savings account each month that is used for settlements and legal fees.

How an Attorney with Debt Experience Can Help You:

· Negotiate a significant reduction in what your creditors say you owe
· No more interest – We negotiate the balances you have on the day you engage us, and we don’t accept any additional interest or fees the bank may try to pile on
· Stop harassing collection calls and letters
· Avoid Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy
· Avoid foreclosure

The ‘Do Nothing Plan’ or the ‘No Plan, Plan’

We have seen clients who have completely stopped opening their mail because the debt is too much to handle and induces so much stress and anxiety. The longer you wait, the fewer options you will have, and denial often goes hand in hand with overwhelming debt issues. In addition, procrastinating will only give your creditors a bigger advantage and more options in the long run. Ironically, hope for a brighter future also works against people when they believe that things will get better even though they have had high balances for years without making much of a dent in their debt. Hoping for the raise or the bonus that never comes or is needed elsewhere when it does, perpetuates your debt problems because you continue to wait for brighter days and don’t make any changes. Not having a plan year after year is in fact a plan unto itself, it’s just not a good one.

How Long Will it Take?

The law requires credit card companies to show on your monthly statement how long it will take to pay off your balance. It is based on making the minimum payments at your current interest rate. It is based on you never using the card again and doesn’t take into account an increase in interest rates if you miss a payment, or send in a payment late. It is not uncommon for us to see 15 years or more, which is an almost impossible solution, which is why McCarthy Law and our experienced debt attorney negotiate for significant reductions in your debt. Our clients are typically out of debt completely in 6 – 36 months. This is only possible when the outrageous interest is turned off and the balance is dramatically reduced. Debt settlement done properly by an attorney gives families their financial lives back and we are thrilled to be a part of that. 6 months to 36 months isn’t an overnight fix but for those who have been buried in debt for years and have been paying their minimums without much of a change in the balance, the time goes by quickly because you will make real progress on your debt quickly and that progress is very motivating.

When is the Right Time?

If you are in the same predicament now that you were a year ago, having trouble sleeping, or having a difficult time making your minimum payments, the time is now. It’s time to make an appointment to meet with an experienced attorney who can show you how to become debt free. Doug McKillip was born and raised in Athens, Georgia and understands what struggles the good people of the Athens area are facing. He would like to discuss your options with you and create an individual plan that will work best for you and your family. Whether you are struggling with credit card debt, student loan debt or other types of unsecured debt, we can represent you and negotiate to reduce your debt. We are empathetic and concerned, and would like the opportunity to work hard in your behalf and create a solid strategy to help you become debt free. There are many ways to get started; call us toll free at 855-976-5777, chat live with us, or fill out the form to the right. We want to help you when you are ready to live a life free of debt.

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