Arizona Debt Settlement

Arizona Debt Settlement

Arizona Debt Settlement

Arizona Debt Settlement Office Locations

Arizona is the state we call home and our national headquarters.  We recognize the diversity across the Grand Canyon State and the need that many families have for debt relief.  Arizona residents listen to what they hear are improvements in the economy but are left wondering when their personal economy will improve.  Different types of debt, including credit card debt, upside down homes and student loan debt are a few of the problems that we help our clients with.  Banks can be very aggressive at attempting to collect on these debts when someone is late or has missed payments.  Call centers with trained employees make phone calls attempting to collect these debts.  Laws protect the debtor against certain tactics but even compliance with these rules of engagement can be extremely stressful and scary.  Credit card companies will now try and collect additional information that they don’t currently have such as phone numbers, employers and addresses.

Debt settlement means settling the debt for less than the bank claims you owe.  We believe that a significant reduction in the principal is often what is needed for an Arizona family to ever dig out.  Companies attempt to settle debt for their clients without offering any legal protection or advice during the process.  Banks can and do file lawsuits against those that are late and behind on payments.  We strongly believe that legal counsel should handle these lawsuits.  Banks hope that the debtor will ignore the lawsuit, knowing that they may not have the money for legal representation, and be able to secure a default judgment from the court allowing them to then garnish wages as well as other scary remedies.

Ironically, a law firm isn’t necessarily more expensive than a debt settlement company.  A good law firm will get paid over time, so that the family can put the money together for the needed settlements as well as a legal fee.  An experienced local Arizona debt settlement law firm will typically get better results for their clients in terms of the reduction on what is owed while charging a fee that isn’t any more than the debt settlement companies.  We recommend choosing a firm with many clients and years of focusing on debt settlement.

The banks typically deal with a handful of local law firms.  The attorney you hire to negotiate your debt will be familiar with these various firms if they have experience in defending clients against creditor lawsuits.  In Arizona, we have offices in Scottsdale, Tucson, Flagstaff and Yuma.  Our attorneys and staff in these offices are able to assist clients with confidentiality and compassion.  We understand that many of our clients are worried, aren’t sleeping well and may having been carrying large credit card balances and other types of debt year after year without seeing much lowering of their balances.  Many tell us that just meeting for a consultation with one of our debt attorneys and understanding what their options really are, provide a needed boost of hope to what had felt like a bleak situation.  Many don’t understand that there are other options beside bankruptcy that are very doable.

The debt attorneys at McCarthy Law meet with every client face-to-face and take the time to understand what his or her individual debt situation is.  Eliminating the debt is the goal and the plan might range from 6 months to 36 months.  For those who feel like they are a hamster on a financial treadmill because they have made payments for year after year and never reduce the balance, we invite you to visit with us.  We don’t represent everyone we meet with but if we believe we can get a great result for you, we will tell you.  There is never any pressure.  When you are ready to explore what your debt options are, we are available by phone, chat or you can click here to get started now.



The corporate headquarters for McCarthy Law, lies in downtown Old Scottsdale just off Scottsdale Road. We have daily consultations with fellow Arizonans from Mesa, Tempe, Avondale, and Cave Creek looking for debt reductions.


Our Yuma office, right off I-8 at 1st Street, allow us to provide debt settlement services to Yuma residents conveniently with our free in-person attorney consultation.


Our Tucson office on Broadway, is central to cover South Arizona residents experiencing debt challenges. Contact us for your free no commitment consultation to understand your Arizona debt options.

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