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Georgia Debt Settlement

Georgia Debt Settlement

Georgia Debt Settlement

At McCarthy Law PLC, we have over a dozen offices in Georgia and are continuing to grow. We offer free initial consultations with a qualified debt attorney that can provide you with your personal options based on the financial situation you are currently in. Georgia debt settlement can be safe, fast, effective and most of all affordable by using a qualified Georgia debt lawyer like the lawyers at McCarthy Law.

Georgia is full of wonderful places and interesting people.  We recognize the diversity across the state and the need that many struggling families have for debt relief.  Georgia residents hear about improvements in the economy but are left wondering when their personal economy will rebound.  Credit card debt, upside down homes and student loan debt are a few of the types of debt that we most often help our clients with.  Creditors can be ruthless at attempting to collect on these debts when a payment is missed or even late.  Employees that are trained to make phone calls, attempting to collect these debts are made daily from big call centers across the country.   There are laws that protect the debtor against certain tactics but even when these rules are followed, it can be extremely stressful and scary to receive these calls.  Banks don’t seem to appreciate the fact that if a debtor could pay the debt, they would have done so long ago.  Once a credit card companies has you on the phone, they will try and collect additional information that they don’t currently have such as addresses, cell phone numbers and where you work.

Debt settlement means settling the debt for less than the current balance.  McCarthy Law believes that a significant reduction in the principal is what is most needed for a family to become debt free.  There are companies that attempt to settle debt for their clients but they aren’t able to offer any legal protection whatsoever.   They may or may not give advice during the process that is helpful or the best solution to their customer.  It should be understood that banks can and do file lawsuits against those that are late and behind on payments.  We believe that legal counsel should respond and represent those folks in these lawsuits.  Banks bet that the debtor will fail to respond the lawsuit, knowing that if they are able to get a default judgment, they will be able to garnish wages or become more aggressive at collecting.

Contrary to what most think, a law firm isn’t necessarily more expensive than a Georgia debt settlement company.  A law firm that focuses on debt settlement understands that the family needs time to put the money together for settlements and legal representation.  An experienced law firm will typically get better debt relief results for their clients with negotiating large principal reductions while also charging a fee that isn’t any more and sometimes less than a debt settlement company.  We recommend choosing a firm with many years of experience focusing on debt settlement.

Some of the most frequently asked questions are those concerning credit card lawsuits. Banks usually deal with a handful of law firms that are local to their headquarters.  The attorney that you hire to negotiate your debt should be familiar with these various attorneys and firms if they have experience in defending clients against creditor lawsuits.  In Georgia, we have offices in Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah, Macon, Athens, Gainesville, Albany and Dalton.  Our attorneys in these offices are wonderful at assisting their clients with compassion and confidentiality.  They understand that many of their clients are anxious, worried and sleeping poorly.  Our typical client has often having been carrying large credit card balances and other types of debt year after year without seeing any real change to their balance.  Some clients tell us that just meeting for a consultation with our debt attorney provides real hope to what has felt like an impossible situation.  Most hard working people, trying to make ends meet doesn’t realize that there are other options beside bankruptcy.

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