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Chatsworth Debt Settlement

Chatsworth Debt Settlement

Chatsworth Debt Settlement

McCarthy Law helps good, hard-working families in Chatsworth who owe more than they can afford to pay back.  Credit card debt and student loans are just a few common types of debt we help our clients manage.  Creditors and debt collectors can be very aggressive in trying to collect these debts including filing lawsuits, and we believe these families need representation by competent legal counsel that understands their struggle and is willing to work with them within their tight financial circumstances.

While McCarthy Law has a large national footprint, we focus on smaller communities and meet with people face-to-face so we can understand and help solve these overwhelming debt challenges.  Our office in Chatsworth has a caring and experienced team to help you navigate these challenges in a confidential and comprehensive way.  Our Chatsworth debt attorney, Anna Bagley, is very knowledgeable and has a reputation as a wise and compassionate attorney.  Ms. Bagley heads our Chatsworth office and is recognized as a community leader because of her experience and years of truly understanding the difficulties and stresses associated with those seeking debt relief.

At McCarthy Law, our debt attorneys will speak to you in negotiating significant decreases in your debts, as well as defending you against claims from your creditors. During your consultation we will discuss your alternatives, timelines and procedures to get you debt relief. If you are ready to get started now, simply complete the form above or call our debt helpline and we’ll get you on the road to financial freedom.  We can answer many of your questions and set an appointment for you to meet with an attorney at no charge.

Many have found they leave the consultation feeling much better by just understanding what their options are and knowing what will be the best choice for their family. We will examine your options and create a strategy and debt settlement plan specific for you and help you become debt free.  Debts aren’t negotiated down in the first day but getting on the right path and knowing there are better days ahead, can offer a lot of relief.

We love serving the community of Chatsworth.  If your debt has become overwhelming and you are seeking debt relief, call now to visit with our experienced and supportive staff to set up your no-cost consultation.  Our staff is compassionate, confidential and never judgmental. We recommend you get legal advice from a licensed lawyer and not a company that claims to sell debt settlement service.  Debt settlement is serious legal work and great results come from working with legal professionals who understand the law.  Let McCarthy Law help you get your life back!

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