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Joliet Debt Settlement

Joliet Debt Settlement

Joliet Debt Settlement

So many folks have found their world turned upside down and are struggling under the weight of credit card debt and student loan debt.  Some are even upside down in their homes.  At McCarthy Law, our debt attorneys can represent you, not only in negotiating substantial reductions in your debt, but defending you against creditor lawsuits.  Credit card companies and banks are quick to give you unsolicited cards with large limits.  However, with even one late or missed payment, they can raise interest rates and lower available balances, ignoring the years of on-time payments.

As if it wasn’t already tough enough, the higher interest rates mean that more of your monthly payment goes to interest rather than principal, resulting in a payoff date much farther into the future.  In addition to high interest rates, banks and creditors can be very aggressive in attempting to collect these debts, and can and do file lawsuits.

Many families in this situation aren’t aware that help is available and there are many options other than bankruptcy exist.  We believe that the advice from an attorney after being served is important.  A lawsuit should not be ignored because a default judgment gives your creditors much more leverage and makes garnishment and other awful remedies available to them.

Many companies offer debt settlement but they can never provide the legal support that a law firm can.  Sadly, they are often more expensive as well and the results are poor.  We love serving and working with the great people of Joliet, and would love to help you too.

We have almost 100 locations nationwide, including one right here in Joliet.  We enjoy working in smaller communities and meeting with our clients in person to discuss their specific situation and needs.  During your consultation, we will examine your options, discuss the timeline, and create an individualized program that works best for you and your family.  One of our Joliet debt attornies, is conveniently located and is available to meet with you.

McCarthy Law focuses on debt settlement, and you need a firm that can represent you and get you the best results possible.  If you are burdened by your debt and are not sure where to turn, please call us now.  We can answer many of your questions and get you set up to meet with an attorney at no charge, and with absolutely no obligation.  You can start now by completing the form above, calling us, chatting live or clicking here for your free consultation.  We invite you to contact us today and let us help you get your life back!

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