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Columbus Debt Settlement

Columbus Debt Settlement

Columbus Debt Settlement

So many folks in Ohio have found their world turned upside down with the challenging economy and are struggling under the burden of credit card debt and student loans.  It is our mission at McCarthy Law to help the good, hard-working families of Columbus find debt relief.  Credit card companies and banks are quick to raise interest rates and lower available balances with even one late or missed payment, ignoring the years of on-time payments.  Banks and creditors are aggressive and often sue, which can be devastating and add to the overwhelming burden.

Many families in this situation aren’t aware that help is available and they have alternatives that will not leave them with the long term ramifications of bankruptcy. Debt settlement means settling the debt for less than the bank claims you owe.  We believe that a significant reduction in the principal is often what is needed for a family to ever dig out.   There are many companies that attempt to settle debt for their clients without offering any legal protection or guidance during the process.

Since banks can and do file lawsuits against those that are late and behind on payments, we believe the advice from an attorney is critically important when being served.  A lawsuit should not be ignored because with a default judgment, garnishment and other intimidating remedies may then be available to your creditors.

McCarthy Law represents you against your creditors and works to negotiate a significant reduction in what the bank claims is owed.  A law firm doesn’t mean higher fees, either, and are often less expensive and protect you better than companies who claim to do debt negotiation.  Many companies attempt to settle debts but they will never be able to offer any legal protection like a law firm can.   An experienced law firm like McCarthy Law will also get better debt relief results for their clients by negotiating large principal reductions while also charging a fee that isn’t any more and sometimes less than a debt settlement company.

Settling your debts is tough legal work but it is our focus at McCarthy Law, and we get great results.  Many companies attempt to settle debt but they can never provide the legal representation that a law firm can, and they rarely give you guidance and advice along the way.  We have offices across the country that give us a wide range of experience, but working in communities like yours here in Columbus is where we find what we do most satisfying.  Mr. Soroka, our Columbus debt attorney enjoys serving the good people of Columbus, and helping families that are feeling stressed and overwhelmed with debt.

For those who feel like they have been dealing with way too much debt for way too long, we invite you to visit with us.  A law firm that focuses on debt settlement like McCarthy Law understands the ins and outs of debt negotiation, and we’d love to help you and your family too.  Choose a law firm with many years of experience to be on your side.  If you are ready to understand what your options are, we stand ready to help.  We are available by telephone, online chat, or you can click here to get started now.

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