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Dripping Springs Debt Settlement

Austin & Dripping Springs Debt Settlement

Austin & Dripping Springs Debt Settlement

It is our mission at McCarthy Law to help good, hard-working families in Austin and surrounding areas, like Dripping Springs, find debt relief.  So many folks have found their world turned upside down with the difficult economy and are struggling under the burden of credit card debt relief and student loan debt.  Many families in this situation aren’t aware that help is available as well as many options.  Negotiating and settling your debts is our focus at McCarthy Law, and our firm can represent you against your creditors and work to negotiate a significant reduction in what the bank claims you owe.  With even one missed payment or late payment, credit card companies and banks are quick to raise interest rates and lower available balances, ignoring the years of on-time payments.  And higher interest rates means more of your monthly payment will go toward interest rather than principal, resulting in your pay off being even farther into the future.  In addition, many creditors and banks will sue those who have missed some payments.  If you are served, we believe that advice from an attorney is critically important.  A lawsuit should not be ignored because a default judgment makes garnishment and other unpleasant solutions available to you creditors.

Hiring a law firm doesn’t mean it will cost the client more.  Good firms will work with their clients on putting the needed monies together over time, rather than demanding everything up front. Many businesses attempt to settle debt but they can never provide the legal representation that a law firm can provide.  McCarthy Law is respected in the debt industry and understands that things are tight for you financially. We have nearly 100 offices across the country that gives us a wide range of experience, but working in Texas communities like Austin and Dripping Springs, is where we find our job most fulfilling.

Milena Christopher has over 20 years of leadership experience and directs our Dripping Springs, Texas office. Ms. Christopher is a very active and respected member of the Dripping Springs community and enjoys meeting with her neighbors face-to-face to discuss their individual needs and help them create a strategy to eliminate their debt.  She wants to help families that are feeling stressed and heavily burdened down with debt. Our consultations are always confidential with no obligation, and you will feel the compassion of a local Austin debt attorney who understands what you are up against.  Many people find great hope and relief after their initial visit having discovered their options from an attorney and firm with extensive experience in debt reduction.

There is never any pressure in our office.  If we can help, we will tell you.  If we can’t help, and bankruptcy or other options are better for you, we will tell you that too.  Call us and we can answer many of your questions and set your appointment to meet with our Dripping Springs debt attorney. Or, you can fill out our online form, or chat with us when you are ready to see what our firm can do for you.

McCarthy Law PLC is committed to representing our clients against persistent creditors.  We negotiate our client’s debts for significant reductions in what is owed and represent them against creditor lawsuits.  We’d like to create a strategy and debt settlement plan specific for you, and our experience will help us figure out the best solution for true debt relief.

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